Zero Gravity Third Rail

Trackway is the Exclusive Distributor of Zero Gravity Third Rail, as well as other premium Midwest Products for ALL of Canada.

Zero Gravity Third Rail Anti-Icer is a winter operating agent designed for anti-icing electrified third rails.  It is applied prior to and during winter storm events to prevent ice formation. Zero Gravity Third Rail is formulated using Zero Gravity Smart fluid technology to make the fluid non-newtonian. This liquid transforms into an extremely resilient film that will stay in place even on vertical surfaces. It’s not easily washed off the rail with snow and rain and it will retain its anti-icing properties.

Zero Gravity Third Rail also:

  • has no chance for ingestion when used in an industrial application and as directed per manufacturers’ instructions.
  • is readily biodegradable and will not remain in the environment for an extended period of time.  It degrades completely to carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water.
  • is applied by spraying, either with a specially designed system or with a plastic hand sprayer suitable for use around high voltage locations.
  • effective in removing ice glaze from third rails when applied directly to the ice glaze.

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Zero Gravity Third Rail TDS & FAQ
Zero Gravity Third Rail Environmental
Zero Gravity Third Rail Material Specs
Zero Gravity Third Rail SDS
Make Midwest Industrial Supply
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Description Zero Gravity Third Rail Anti-Icer is a specially formulated non-conductive, diethylene glycol and propylene glycol based winter operating agent for electrified third rails.
Price 55 GA Drum: $1,263.00 | 275 GA Tote: $5,395.00
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