Ice Free Switch

Trackway is the Exclusive Distributor of Ice Free Switch, as well as other premium Midwest Products for ALL of Canada.

Ice Free Switch works as an anti-icing agent.  When applied to switch points, plates and side rails prior to snow or ice storms, it will remain in place to activate when needed to melt falling and blowing snow and prevent switches from freezing.

Ice Free Switch Benefits:

  • Works better in severe temperatures
  • Prevents re-freezing down to -70°F (-57°C)
  • Defies effects of rain, snow, wind & gravity
  • Holds fast to surfaces & remains in place
  • Prevents snow from packing between rails
  • Helps prevent derailment at flangeways
  • Safe to use/environmentally friendly
  • Non-flammable/non-corrosive
  • Throw switches on command

For more detailed information, please see the links below or give us a call today!

Ice Free Switch Application & FAQ
Ice Free Switch Environmental
Ice Free Switch SDS
Ice Free Switch TDS
Make Midwest Industrial Supply
Info Local: 780-973-0023 | Toll Free: 1-844-851-3622 |
Description Ice Free Switch is a winter anti-icer that is glycol-based along with proprietary materials and one licensed from NASA AMES Research Institute that makes the product non-newtonian so it stays in place, even on vertical surfaces.
Price 5 GA Pail: $109.00 | 4 GA Case: $183.00 | 55 GA Drum: $1,316.00 | 275 GA Tote: $5,996.00
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