GRYB Magnetic Seperator

The Magnetic Separator is ideal for pits, aggregates,s tone crushing, wood mills, sorting centers, steel shredders, used soil processing and foundries.

  • Offered in self cleaning, and manual clearing options. We offer a complete range between 3 KW to 18 KW
  • The self-cleaning separators are used when a high volume of ferrous material need to be separated from the material flow. This electromagnetic ensures you get the maximum amount of steel.
  • The manual cleaning separators are used to remove trap iron material from a material flow. The purpose of this electromagnetic is to protect your equipment and avoid damages that could be caused by steel pieces.
  • This product is 100% Canadian Made and Safe
  • The Magnetic Separator is Custom Made according to clients product type and need
Technical Specifications
Year New
Make SMAG Series
Price Please contact us at: 1-888-851-3622
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